G. Wellington Smith, President
1600 Nueces Street
Austin, TX 78701
Tel. (512) 476-7129
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Texas Doctors Group

We Specialize...

...in the placement of primary care physicians and specialists who are interested in practicing in small and large towns in Texas. We seek to find compatibility between the physicians and their employers because we understand that good working relationship can lead to long-term satisfaction.

We do not charge the physician seeking employment for our services. We only charge the employing community or entity when we successfully refer you a physician who agrees to practice medicine in your hospital or clinic. Our fee is payable only after employer and the physician have reached an agreement and they arrive in the community to begin the practice of medicine.

If you are a physician looking for a rewarding career with a guaranteed salary, click here.

We are a physician search firm that specializes in assisting physicians to relocate in cities and towns in Texas where there is a need for additional physicians, where other physicians will give you referrals, and where there is no professional animosity toward new physicians relocating in the area.

There is a great need for family practice physicians and for specialists in obstetrics/gynecology, internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics and other specialties.

Our clients include physicians, hospitals, physician group and partnership organization, professional associations and community organizations.  They frequently assist with travel expenses, office and professional overhead, housing, salaries or guaranteed income.

We can help you find a desirable position at no charge.


We are not a mail order recruiting firm and would be pleased to forward you a list of our satisfied clients. If you are serious in your efforts to recruit physicians – write, call or e-mail

If you wish to employ a physician who is on J-1 as a Foreign Medical Graduate and you need assistance with obtaining a J-1 waiver and H-1B visa, please contact us.